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Design Your Garment Project has a purpose to support our clients to personalize and customize high quality uniforms through this electronic platform. This configurator allows selecting products, shapes, models, colours and fabrics for each garment.

The electronic platform DYG allows small/medium companies to customize their garments (minimum of 100 pieces per style), ensuring the best quality / price ratio of the final product. There are 4 factors that make DYG the best choice for your work uniform:

100% Made in Portugal

All DYG’s garments are 100% made in Portugal. This allows customer to access a Portuguese confection industry of high quality with the ability to operate in a small/medium scale.

Quality Assurance

DYG operates with a textile manufacturing that offers an experience and know-how of over 30 years with an established and proven quality. We offer the guarantee of compliance and quality by eliminating the risk of cross-border production.

This high quality partnership allows DYG to use technical knowledge to select the appropriate fabrics for each professional activity and offers the best counselling service.

Because a satisfied customer is an added-value for us!


The garment development, including design, manufacturing and distribution gives to client the exclusivity possibility of his uniforms, as well as an integrated solution, making all the process automated.

If our offer does not meet your needs, there is always the possibility of creating a different design for larger quantities. Please contact us!

4 to 6 Weeks Delivery

Taking into account all the automated process, DYG operates with short delivery times.

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