1. Materials Used

Which materials do you use?
The choice of materials is based on the highest quality standards and EN requirements for the different product lines: Industrial, High-Visibility, Multi-Norms.

If I need to repair a garment, how do I proceed?
DYG does repairs under the conditions expressed in Terms and Conditions.

2. Returns

What happens if I order the wrong size?
DYG does not assume the return of orders for which measurements where provided by the client.

How can I return an order?
Considering the special features of customization and personalization of the products, DYG cannot accept the returns of the items nor refund payments.

3. Orders

Is there a minimum quantity per order?
The DYG project is dedicated to the production of 50-300 units per model. However, the volume may be adjusted to fit client needs. Delivery terms and order values ​​will be dependent on these variations.

What is the expected delivery time for orders?
Within Portugal it is usually 2-5 working days.
Within Europe it is usually 10 working days.

Can I order products that are not available on the website?
Yes. Our team can be contacted by email or phone and will provide all the information needed to find the optimal solution.
The level of customization will be limited to the available online options.

Can I cancel the order?
Yes, the order can be canceled up to 24h after the confirmation of your quote request. Check Terms and Conditions.

Can I track my order's status?
From the moment that the order is shipped, we provide the reference to the Client.

How to ensure the reliability of the colours on the product?
The appearance of the colour on the website is as reliable as possible, but variable, depending on the type of display do you have. However, we may provide fabric samples to assess the real colours. The costs of shipping these samples are charged to the Client.

4. Copyright

Can I use materials from DYG website?
Only materials which result from the configuration design can be used. All other materials, such as icons, illustrations, photographs, drawings, images, texts or videos and written materials that are part of this website are intended solely for personal and non-commercial use. The copyrights must be respected.

5. Pricing Information

How can I get exact information about the prices?
All prices on the website are simply indicative and subject to confirmation upon quote request.
All prices are presented in Euros.

6. Sizes and Special Requests

How do I determine the correct size of garments?
- Through the conversion table available (link to table)
- Sending all measurements in a custom form  (in Excel format)
- Sending the team to take the measurements (extra quote required)
- Sending sample garments. (extra quote required)
- Use our template (link to the template).

How can I request sizes and special features that are not available on the website?
All sizes different from the standards defined in our measurement tables should be analyzed so that we can present an accurate quote, as well as other specifics that the client may intend to include.