Terms And Conditions


DYG operates through an online configurator for idealizing and customizing uniforms. DYG’s offer is divided into three product categories: Industrial Clothing, High Visibility Clothing, Multi-norms clothing.

1. Scope
The business relationship between the Configurator (DYG) owners and Users (Client) shall respect the following Terms and Conditions, ruling at the time the order is placed.
Different terms proposed by the client must be presented in writing and subject to analysis.
1.1. The user is a final client (individual or company), which designs its garment and requests quotes to DYG.
1.2. The Client can choose among different possibilities of products and accessories to design its garment, but the final model only can be visualized after registration.
1.3. The commercial relationship starts on the date the quote is requested.

2. The budget
2.1. The quote is based on the configuration options. Each quote matches the specificities and features chosen in the configurator. Subsequent changes are subjected to a new quote.
2.2. To request a quote the Client must accept the Terms and Conditions by selecting the available button “Accept Terms and Conditions”.
2.3. The DYG system sends an automated confirmation, by email, containing the number of the quote request.

3. Delivery and product availability
3.1. DYG commits to deliver the products in the timeline agreed with the Client, upon quote request, taking into account the number of garments and specifics of the order.
DYG does not assume responsibility for delays arising from unpredictable factors, such as: natural disasters, legislative changes, failures from suppliers and all circumstances that fall outside the control of DYG and affect the delivery date agreed with the client.
3.2. If the material chosen by the Client is not available, the Client shall be informed within 24h and another option suggested.

4. Reservation
All items are DYG's property until full payment is made.

5. Price and shipping costs
5.1. All prices on the website are purely indicative. The final price is given after quote request and analysis of all client requirements.
5.2. Shipping costs are tabulated and will be made ​​available to the Client at the time the quote delivered.
5.3. The garments will be sent by express service. DYG does not assume the transit risks.

6. Payment conditions
6.1. All payment conditions must be expressly approved, in writing, by the Client. These conditions will be provided at the same time as the quote.
6.2. The order will only be delivered if the Client fulfills payment of the agreed installments.

7. Defects and Guarantees
7.1. The DYG takes responsibility for defects in accordance with the applicable legal provisions. DYG does not assume any responsibility about problems which arise from Client’s responsibility, as sizes or logos, for instance.
7.2. The costs of returning an order to DYG's facilities are supported by the Client or by DYG, depending on the cause of the return. These will be analyzed per incident.

8. Repairs  and repair price
8.1. DYG has a production team to do the necessary repairs. The prices for different types of repairs are tabulated and will be presented to the client upon request.
The price of these repairs will be considered as follows:
8.1.1. Need for repairs arising from the need to adjust the sizes, for which measurements is the responsibility of the Client, DYG does not assumes the cost of repairs on the garments or shipping.
8.1.2. Need for repairs arising from the handling of the garments by the client, DYG does not assumes the cost of repairs or shipping.
8.1.3. DYG offers the possibility to include repairs necessary for an initial value corresponding to 8% of the order value.

9. Cancellation and returns
9.1. The Client may cancel the order without charge until 24 hours after the quote approval. For later cancellation, the Client is bound to pay benefits up to the stage on which the order is in the production process.
The order cancellation must be in writing and authorized by DYG internal system, after analysis of the cause and assignment of the respective return code.
9.2. Considering the characteristics of customization and personalization of garments, DYG reserves the right not to accept returns of garments or refund payments.

10. Information about client data
10.1. DYG only will use the registration data to manager orders. For marketing purposes, explicit authorization should be requested to the Client.
10.2. The Client can recover, change or ask DYG to delete the data stored in the "My Account" space.

11. Legal dispute
11.1. All disputes arising from business relationships subjected to these Terms and Conditions will be addressed in Portuguese territory.